Monday, November 1, 2010

Ainsley update

So, some of you may know we were a bit concerned about Ainsley's weight gain.  As all babies do, she had dropped from her initial birth weight of 8 pounds 13 ounces to 8/4, but did not seem to be gaining it back at first.

Well, rest assured that issue is resolved and she is an enthusiastic grazer (and sleeper) like the rest of her family.  She gained over a pound in one week!  I would not like the results if I gained 10% of my body weight in one week.  And, I love how opposing our weight goals are currently - I wish I were having as much success as her with my regular weigh-ins.

Anyway, Dr. Schroeder gave us the seal of approval so we no longer have to go in for all these doctor appointments and have carte blanche until the eight week check-up later this month.

All is well.  :)

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