Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Bath

So, we waited the obligatory amount of time for a belly button to appear and held our first bath this week.  Big doin's at the Stephens household!

I keep trying to not over-purchase items we don't need (as opposed to that firstborn child, where you're certain you need every baby item and device that exists).  However, I kept debating a baby tub because babies can get awfully slippery, and the support makes the job easier.  Fred rightfully pointed out that babies had been bathed for decades without plastic baby beds, so I set up my favorite wash basin lined with a receiving blanket and got to work.

You would have thought it was custom made for Ainsley.  Her feet pushed against the side and she propped herself up with only a little head support from me.  She has been holding her head up and pushing down with her feet since she was born, which is odd to adjust to since newborns usually need quite a while to develop that neck and leg strength - obviously another overachiever.  :)

At various times she was exceptionally unhappy with this "bath" business, and at other times looked very pleased and comfortable in the warm water.

I know Ainsley will be very glad her first bath was posted for the world to see - at least we maintained a little modesty.  She's growing and getting more alert every day.  Thanks to everyone for keeping up with us!

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