Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome home, Ainsley!

Ainsley Belle finally made her big debut last Thursday, September 30 - on her Aunt Jo's 25th birthday.  She arrived at 9:07 p.m. and it definitely wasn't the smooth sailing of Sophie's delivery, but everyone is happy and healthy and recuperating quickly.

Bright-eyed just a few minutes after arrival!

I love the way Sophie's shoulders are all hunched up in an "I'm so excited!!" way in this picture...
 Proud big sister (and protective Daddy)!

Fred and his girls

She is a very mellow baby and the hospital nursery staff were all very fond of her.  Very little crying or fussing, just like her big sister.

 Love this picture with Grandad...

 Grandad & Ainsley

 Gigi & Ainsley

 Great picture of my Mom (Gigi), Sophie & Ainsley

We came home from the hospital on Saturday, October 2nd and have been settling in and getting used to being "Stephens, party of four."  Sophie is really enjoying being a big sister and takes a lot of pride in helping out wherever possible - hoping that it lasts!  :)

For now, we're all just recuperating and getting to know one another, but we'll have some additional pictures and updates to post soon.

Thank you again to everyone who has sent thoughtful notes, offered meals or just sent kind thoughts and prayers.  We are so excited Ainsley is here and looking forward to watching all the tiny changes in the coming weeks!

*By the way, here's some background on her name meaning, although I believe I mentioned previously that we chose Belle for Fred's mom, Maggie Bell:

Pronunciation: AYNZ-lee

Transferred use of the Scottish surname taken from the place-name Ainsley, which is derived from the name element Æne's or Ægen's and the Old English lēah (wood, clearing, meadow, enclosure).  (From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman).

Also: From a surname which was from a place name: either Annesley in Nottinghamshire or Ansley in Warwickshire. The place names themselves mean either "Anne's field" or "hermitage field" from the Old English ansetl "hermitage" and leah "field".  Name origin: Scottish/Celtic/Gaelic/Old English.

Fred, Beth, Sophie & Ainsley


  1. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful - and I love the name SO much. Hope your recovery goes well and Sophie enjoys her new role of Big Sis - God bless you all!

  2. Looking forward to hearing another brave labor of love story. :)