Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26... and still holding!

This child is certainly taking her sweet time!  Granted, our due date was set for September 25 - October 1, but all signs pointed to a more timely arrival.

It's a good reminder that not only do all things happen in their own due time (something I need constant reminders of - apparently the world is not, shockingly, on my schedule), but also of the basic differences in siblings.

Sophie sort of burst onto the scene ten days early with what's proven to be her typical amount of gusto.  Ainsley seems to be sending that sort of "I'll get there when I get there" vibe.  However, when she jabs me repeatedly throughout the day, I wish I could let her know that there is ample elbow room in this spacious world if she'd like to come check it out.

In the interim, we'll just be waiting...

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  1. Just FYI - doc visit this morning and we're still in a holding pattern. Lots of contractions but they come and go, which is a treat.

    Every time she throws a jab I want to tell her there is lots more elbow room out here if she'd like to come sample it! :)

    We will induce next week if no progress in the coming days. Thanks to all for the well wishes to help me counteract major cases of discomfort and insanity!