Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last Touches

We finally completed the last canvas for Ainsley's room.  I think Fred liked this one most of all - we used a couple of 2010 pennies for the dragonfly's eyes.  It's been fun to do something different for the nursery and have most of the pieces on the wall have more of a personal, handmade touch since all of us contributed some time to them.  Here's the last one:

Hopefully we'll get all four canvases  plus a clock and a few miscellaneous items hung in the nursery today, and then we won't have anything to do but sit around and wait for the big debut.  (Actually, there's a lot to be said for the distraction of things still on the to do list!)

We received a lovely, special handmade blanket in the mail last week from Ruth Ann Anderson:

It's definitely one of those special keepsakes.  Sophie loves hers - I will have to get a picture of both girls with their blankets to post. 

Six - ten more days until our actual due date, but I'm still thinking the 20th - 23rd range is appealing.  Also, that way I won't have to exchange this cute little necklace I picked up for a different birth month!

I hope when I post next Ainsley will be here, and of course I'll be stunningly skinny!  :)

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