Sunday, September 5, 2010

Telling Sophie

We decided to share the news that Sophie would have a sibling on Valentine's Day.  We had hoped to take her up to Roaring River State Park in Mark Twain National Forest outside Seligman, Missouri for a cold weather walk and picnic, and to share the news over dinner at the Treetop Restaurant.  Unfortunately, the lodge was closed for the season.

Our last-minute backup plan was for Fred to pop some of his signature homemade popcorn, which we placed in our signature brown bags and took with us to Fayetteville.

We went out to dinner at Noodles and gave Sophie a wrapped gift to open after dinner.  It was two books: The New Baby and I'm A Big Sister!  We asked her to sound out the titles of the books...

She was very confused, but finally sounded out "I'm... A... BABYSITTER!"  While true, we corrected her slightly with the actual news and she started her usual giggling/crying when she receives exciting news.

After dinner, we ate popcorn and drove her around to all the places that were part of our lives when she was born: our townhouse off Township when we were first married, the hospital (Washington Regional) where she was born, our house outside Fayetteville on Cottonwood where she spent the first year of her life and so on.  All in all a fun evening and a good way to start a new chapter in our lives!

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