Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preparing for Ainsley's arrival

Yes, I'm a big nerd.  We already have this blog set up to keep people informed about Ainsley's arrival.  It's just such an easy way to direct everyone to one place for updates and pictures - I'm prepared for the wisecracks.  :)

Ainsley is due between September 25 and October 1 (Fred's birthday) - so we could have anywhere from ten to 30+ days to go!

We finally are just about ready, although we have a few finishing touches to go on the nursery (i.e. those doors Fred is going to refinish and hang...)

Sophie was always Sophie, but it took us a long time to arrive at a name we all agreed upon this time.  In the running until about two weeks ago were Cecilie, Jolie, Josie and Tristan - our boy name, but we liked it for a girl possibility too.  We've been planning on Belle as our middle name since the beginning - Maggie Bell is Fred's Mom's name, and we used my Mom's name (Joan Glennis) in Sophie's full name - Sophia Joan.

After quite a bit of debate with Fred and Sophie having trouble agreeing (and me happy with anything on the final list), I left for a business trip to Rhinelander and Tomahawk, WI on August 18 and told them to come to agreement while I was gone!  I received a text on August 21 that said "We like Ainsley." and the standoff officially ended.

A few pictures of the nursery are also posted - we took some cues from my friend Siobhan's nursery for baby Sonya, and copied some of her fun bird and name art with our own homemade versions.  Sophie and Fred both helped make the canvases and letter art for Ainsley's room.

We're looking forward to welcoming her home and will keep you posted here!

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