Thursday, September 9, 2010


We technically have 16 - 22 (ish) days to go until our due date, although I'm angling for more like five or six.  Any wagers? 

Our neighbor was due about a week ago and is still hanging in there.  Heard yesterday about a few folks who went two to three weeks early during a blue moon night.  Unfortunately, the next full moon is not until 9/23, and I'm a fan of sooner rather than later!

Sophie was almost two weeks early, so we'll keep crossing our fingers and toes.  Not quite ready to result to castor oil, but spicy food is absolutely not out of the question. 

We added a couple more homemade pieces of art to the nursery last weekend...


... and we have one left to finish, hopefully this weekend.  Most of our chores and preparation are complete, so now it's just the waiting game!

By the way, this picture by Sophie made me laugh:

I asked her if that was the baby in my tummy or just a smiley face shirt, and she said it was just a smiley face shirt.  Good to know.  :)

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  1. i will bet abs will arrive at about 3 am on a work night (the 23rd), when i am at not only my happiest, but my loveliest. then, sophie and i can take lots of last pre-sister pics and drink hot chocolate and go ice skating. and maybe make pancakes and snow flakes. omg!

    cute additions to the nursery. i especially approve of your sister item. it's an excellent update to our '96 creation, which i need to display in prominence for everyone to admire or genius. this has been a lengthy comment and seeing as i talk to you 25x per day, i will end my e-speech.